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Free Mind Collection coming soon!


"Free Mind" exhibit February 9th!

Creating With Intention

About Me

I have been making art for 13 years. Art is a passion for me because art is a sense of communication. I fall in love with the process of creating something that comes from my mind and watching it unfold. I am inspired by the conscious mind, music, and emotion. More specifically, I am inspired by black culture. I know that without culture, there would be no art. In addition, my art is symbolic of the interconnectedness of humans and nature. All of these things can be seen and felt in each piece. I will continue to paint because it is a personal spiritual experience for me. I will continue to create art because art keeps me curious. I continue to learn about the world around me and myself through my creative process. I know that energy can be felt through art and there can be a sense of healing from my art. There is a direct connection between art and emotion. Sometimes you can find something in art you never thought you were looking for. I create not only for the art to be admired but to be felt. 

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Ashanté Josey

Pittsburgh, PA

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