Hi Everybody,
My name is ASHANTÉ JOSEY and I am a visual artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am inspired by impressionism, realism, abstractions, and symbolism. All my current paintings are the medium of acrylic paint on canvas. My enthusiasm in painting was cultivated in 2009 and my interest for painting further developed when I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2016. I studied Political Science and History, but took extra credits in multiple art courses to feed my need for creative freedom. After college, trying to find myself, I lived in San Francisco, CA, Atlanta, GA, and back in Pittsburgh, PA. My passion for art resurfaced and in March 2018, I showcased my first art exhibition collection, E11even, at Boom Concepts. My collections express symbolism and a hint of feminism. I am looking forward to dropping an art collection every year, in different states, and looking into art therapy.